AGRO GRACE, previously Grace Agricultural & Industrial Company Limited (GAICO), was registered in 1961. Up until 1968 the company traded as a department of Grace, Kennedy & Company Limited. GraceKennedy’s involvement in the trading of agricultural inputs dates back to 1935.

In 1984, the company GAICO was renamed AGRO GRACE. In 2003 AGRO GRACE merged operations with H & L Agri Marine Company and became a subsidiary of Hardware & Lumber Limited in which GraceKennedy Limited has majority ownership.


AGRO GRACE is Jamaica’s leading distributor and retailer of agricultural inputs. Currently, the company operates from five (5) locations,with its main offices, distribution center, and a branch located at 697 Spanish Town Road, Kingston. Our other branches across the island are located at Southfield, St. Elizabeth; Montego Bay, St. James; Brown’s Town, St. Ann and Mandeville, Manchester.

Product Line

CustomersAGRO GRACE represents many reputable international manufacturers and producers, namely: Syngenta, Dow Agro Sciences, Pilarquim Corporation, Solo Kleinmotoren and seed producers, namely; Seminis Vegetable Seeds and Takii Seed Company.

Our major product lines include Pesticides, Fertilizers, Vegetable Seeds, Animal Feeds, Home Garden items, Farm Equipment, etc.

Committment to customers

CustomersAt AGRO GRACE we consider it very important to offer certain level of extension
service to the farming community, for the following reasons:

  1. To provide proper stewardship of our products.
  2. To stress the need for agriculture to be practiced as a science in order to obtain the best results.
  3. To help as best as we can in the improvement in productivity and quality of output of our farmers.

In our attempt to achieve all this, we place much emphasis on the employment of personnel who have agricultural training. We truly recognize the need, and are dedicated to playing our part in achieving global competitiveness in Jamaican agriculture.

AGRO GRACE takes pride in the fact that we are not merely distributors of agricultural inputs, but is assisting in meeting the challenges of improving productivity, quality and the general profitability of the Jamaican farmer.